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On this episode of the 1 to 10 podcast, we chatted with Joe Pici, from Pici & Pici.

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Everything’s negotiable (unless you actually want people to buy from you). To Joe Pici, there are 8 things you should never negotiate if you are trying to sell.

He and his wife have taught these 8 concepts to McDonald’s, the NFL, Aflac, United Healthcare … you name it, he’s worked with them. Global Gurus named him #3 on their top 30 Sales Professionals in 2019. His book, Sell Naked on the Phone, sold 45 thousand copies without a real book deal.

He joined me on the 1 to 10 podcast to share the 8 non-negotiables in sales:

The First 4 Non-Negotiables (Don’t Worry, We’re Giving You All 8)

#1: clarity

In sales, you’ve got to be absolutely clear on these 3 items:

  • What you want as an end result
  • When you want to accomplish that
  • Why you want to accomplish it

Joe has worked with CEOs and teams, he speaks at conferences, writes books, and he and his wife travel the world sharing these concepts with every company you’ve heard of. But he didn’t start teaching.

He started selling.

Along the way, he’s learned that clarity is where everything starts. You can’t negotiate it. Without clarity on the what, when, & why, salespeople try to move the needle in all the wrong ways.

#2 & #3: ambition & self-discipline

Enough said ☝️

#4: communications

In a world of technology — with iPads, iPhones, and social media — the art and science of communications has greatly diminished. Very few people study how to tailor their interpersonal communications to others to ensure they’re matching each individual’s unique communication style.

The Next 4 Non-Negotiables Are the Real Game-Changers:

#5: lead generation

How many ways are you generating leads? (Joe has 15 different ways, currently!)

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, are they quality leads?

#6: outbound calls

Ask yourself:

How many outbound phone calls am I making every day?

The majority of people simply do not make enough quality phone calls. Again, going back to communications: We’re too often wrapped up in our electronic comms, but the reality is, the top sales people are the ones with the most calls.

#7: core stories, and sales presentations

How do you measure the growth of your business? By how many quality meetings you are having with a potential buyer every single month.

#8: priority and time management

There’s a slew of time management books and programs out there, but let’s cut to the good stuff: Everyone gets 24 hours in a day. It’s about managing the priorities within those 24 hours. Every day, rank your highest revenue-producing actions, and tackle your day in that order.

Too often, people work with on what’s most comfortable, not what’s most productive.

Say ‘No.’ A lot.

Your long-term success is based more on what you say no to, then what you say yes to. You want to say no to the wrong things, or non-productive items, so you can say yes to those tasks that lineup with your objectives.

Joe has a simple rule of thumb for when someone asks him to do something. He asks himself:

“Is what this person asking me to do, the best task to move me toward my objective?”

In Sales, It’s Less About Personality & More About Behavior

People often focus on the personality of sales types. Movies make us believe that only the incredibly high-energy or Atilla the Hun-type salespeople are the only good sales people.

But studies have shown that personality type has no effect on the ability to sell. What Joe has seen from coaching thousands of people in sales has backed this up: Behavior matters, not personality.

Everyone can be good at sales. It’s their processes, skills, and following the above 8 non-negotiables that count.

Transactional vs Consultative Sales

When we think of sales, we often think of the high-pressure, 1-off situations. That’s a transactional sale: It’s all about the deal, right here, right now.

But consultative sales is what Joe believes in (it took him 8 years to land one customer — Coldwell Banker). In this approach, anyone can be successful.

Also, consultative sales are nearly the only kind of sales in B2B, considering the long sales cycle and high-dollar purchases.

According to Joe:

  • 82% of all sales happen between the 6th and 12th contact
  • 2/3 of people move slowly

Since most people move slowly, and need several points of contact, the trick is to build a rapport, and keep the game going with tremendous follow-up.

What’s the #1 Thing Someone Can Do to Grow their B2B Tech Company?

We ask every guest on our podcast if they have one grand piece of advice for any growing B2B tech company. If Joe could give one piece of advice, here it is:

Locate the things that absolutely must be done. Focus your energy on those.

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