#25: How Data and AI Can Help You in Marketing – Aurelia Flores

On this episode of the 1 to 10 podcast, we chatted with Aurelia Flores, from Athena Digital Media Group.

Episode Overview

We all know the marketing fundamentals: people buy from people, strive to create relationships, etc.

But in today’s digital era, marketing is a bit more complicated. There’s all sorts of data and tools out there that we can leverage to really level up our marketing efforts.

The tricky part? Knowing how to use the data to increase ROI.

So, on our most recent episode of the 1 to 10 podcast, I invited Aurelia Flores, Co-Founder of Athena Digital Media Group, on the show to talk through some of those tools and how you can use them in a practical way to improve your marketing efforts and grow your business.

We covered topics like: how data has impacted traditional marketing metrics, what it takes to get a new client in this digital age of marketing, and practical steps you can take right now to use these tools to grow your business.

What It Takes to Get a New Client in the Digital Age of Marketing:

You probably know that it takes 7 touches to get a new client or a sale.

But in the online world, it takes somewhere between 17 and 37 touches to get somebody to become a potential new client.

And you can’t just show people the same content over and over. You need several, high quality pieces of material that they can engage with you on.

The good news is that AI, data, and all of these new tools sets can help us to achieve this higher level of touches.

The key is retargeting people on multiple platforms.

Let’s talk about one practical way you can actually do that.

1 Practical Way You Can Use Data to Level Up Your Marketing:

If there’s one thing you take away from this discussion, let it be this:

Use pixels.

Put a Facebook pixel on every data home that you have, whether it’s a landing page, your website, whatever else someone might touch that is yours.

Then go remarket to those folks to increase the touches that you have with them.

At the top of the funnel you need to have one really good hook. But by the time someone hits your website, they’re at the bottom of the funnel and they’re really interested in what you’ve got.

So, you’d better be going after them on every single platform you can.

Using pixels is a great way to do that. All while spending less than a few hundred dollars.

How Data Has Impacted Traditional Marketing Metrics:

If you think about marketing in the early days — billboards, magazines, whatever it may be — the only thing you could really track was reach. How many people could you potentially get in front of?

And then, of course, you could track sales.

But today’s world is different. The numbers look like this:

If you think about the total universe of people you could get in front of, 100% of all people who might ever buy from you, only 3% of those people are actively looking for what you’ve got at any given time. 7% of people are open to what you have, but the remaining 90% are either actively indifferent, definitely not interested at this time, or they’re simply just at a different stage.

So, when we’re doing online marketing, we’re trying to get in front of that 3%.

And that’s where things have changed. With digital marketing, we’re able to look beyond reach. We can look at engagement and the steps it takes to get someone to buy.

Metrics like click rates, open rates, and cost per acquisition gives us a much more comprehensive idea of how people are engaging…and that data allows us to better maximize our return on the investment.

What’s the #1 Thing Someone Can Do to Grow their B2B Tech Company?

We ask every guest on our podcast if they have one grand piece of advice for any growing B2B tech company. Here’s what Aurelia said:

“Always be marketing. Sales is the only thing in our world that moves money.”

So, there you have it. Hopefully you’re walking away with a better understanding of how data has impacted marketing and with a few key takeaways you can implement to increase the ROI on your marketing efforts.

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