#2: The Power of Digital Marketing – David Carrier

On the second episode of the 1 to 10 podcast, we sat down with David Carrier, President and CEO of QuantumFlo, about the power, value, and future of digital marketing in creating meaningful and relevant connections with customers on a regular basis.

Episode Overview

It can be hard to stay relevant with your customers. It’s even harder to communicate with them on a regular basis with relevant information and not be annoying.

And let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than an annoying salesperson nagging for bits of your time. But it’s important to keep your product on the customer’s mind.

So how do you approach the fine line of being on the customer’s radar without having them run for the hills?

Enter the power of digital marketing.

Everything is driven by the internet and social media. It can be your greatest tool in spreading the word about why your product is the best, and why it should be at the top of the customer’s list.

Which platform is best? Is Facebook still a good tool? What’s best for B2B?

The Importance of Digital Marketing

Why is digital marketing such a big deal? Well, because everything is driven by technical info and the internet. There has been a dramatic shift in the business world to emphasizing constant contact with the customer.

What better way to reach out to the customer than the internet?
After all, can you think of a time in your day where you leave your smart phone alone for long periods of time?

If you say yes, you’re in the minority. Most people can’t lay their phone down for more than 5 minutes without immediately grabbing it again to see what may have transpired in that small period of time.

Why Constant Contact

Constant contact. What’s so important about that?

Let’s put it this way.

If you can stay relevant to your customer on a regular basis (without getting too annoying), then when the time comes and they have a need for your product, they are going to immediately think of you.

QuantumFlo’s goal is to stay at the top of the line. When people think domestic water pressure boosters, the next thought they want to pop in their potential customer’s mind is: QuantumFlo.

This train of thought wouldn’t happen if there wasn’t constant contact between the reps at QuantumFlo and their customer base.

“If you’re not playing digitally with your customers, you’re not relevant.”

The Future of Digital Marketing

You may have heard of IOT (Internet of Things) but have you heard of IIOT? IIOT is the Industrial Internet of Things. There are more and more components that are behind the scenes. An example would be inquiring into how you get water to the 20th floor of a hotel.

These components are becoming more and more linked to the cloud because people want to understand what’s going on in their space and they want to have rich data about the activity of these components.

Everything is moving to the cloud. Everything is connected.

That’s super exciting!

You can bring in multiple data sources and see them all joint together on one dashboard.
The internet gives the ability and vehicle to do this, and it’s only going to grow in the future.

“When they say the sky’s the limit, well the sky is sort of the beginning when you think about the cloud.”

Picking the Right Platform

LinkedIn is a great resource.

It is all business. The purveyors of the site really try to encourage B2B business activity.

It’s not like Facebook. Nobody wants to know what you had for dinner.

LinkedIn provides the ability to submit articles about your product and the vision for your product. It’s a way to stay relevant and maintain leadership in your field. It’s a space to brag about what you do and how you do it, and then provide thought provoking information for others to interact with.

What’s even better is that you can see who is interacting with the information that you are putting out there.

Why Integrate Your Digital Marketing Resources

Why is it important for your digital marketing resources to mesh?

It goes back to the idea of bringing in data from multiple sources in order to have the data talk nicely to each other and present it in a way that will benefit your company from a lead generation perspective or from your existing customer base.

It can be challenging to bring everything together and stay relevant and topical specifically to your market. You want your influencers to want to logon and see what you have going on.

Generating that interest is key.

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