What People are Saying about the '1 to 10' Show

Marketing topics that all marketers encounter

"Great conversations on a variety of marketing topics that all marketers encounter. Eric leads the episodes with intriguing questions and really engages his guests! Highly recommend!"
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Professional & relevant

"Eric is extremely professional, offers fantastic insight from a number of different angles and gives listeners relevant information for them to grow their businesses. Anything from marketing to investing in their health, this podcast has it!"
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Big fan of this content

"Eric and his guests share relevant topics in a very insightful and actionable way that I know will help my business. If you're trying to grow your business, you need to subscribe to this podcast. Great conversations and awesome learning."
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Great "Fly on the Wall" conversations

"I learn something new with each episode. Eric is a masterful interviewer as he gets his guests to share *golden nuggets* from their areas of expertise. I come away from each episode inspired and motivated to apply the new knowledge I've gained."
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For those looking to ramp up

"I love the focus of this show. Having worked with ADHD Entrepreneurs most of my career, this is the type of information that gets right to the point, with maximum impact to the bottom line."
Rat Puncher
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Great Experience!

"Eric is a well rounded digital marketing expert. I've enjoyed his Podcast 1 to 10 tremendously and was honored when he asked me on the show to talk about our SaaS Company. It's refreshing to see someone with a genuine interest in sharing valuable insight to the community."
Daytonian_ on
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Awesome show for tech companies

"If you're a tech company looking to build your business, no matter what stage your business is at, this show will be an amazing resource for you. Worth a listen!"
Michael Cardwell
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Excellent startup podcast!

"What I love the most about listening to this podcast is the variety of experts providing advice specifically for young startups. Eric is a talented host who asks the right questions at the right time, making this podcast super engaging and easy to listen to. If you're a CEO or a co-founder of a startup company, I highly recommend subscribing to this podcast."
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A must-listen for your commute

"The topics vary from strategy to execution, and a bit of leadership in between. If you are looking for something digestable yet conversational, this is a must-listen for your commute."
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Gifted Host with Great topics

"Eric is a natural and does a great job picking relevant guests to help listeners know what it takes to scale from $1M to $10M!"
Joe Pettet
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Solid insights for B2B marketers

"Eric is a great host and his podcast is a valuable resource for B2B marketers who want to improve their game."
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Incredibly Useful Resource

"If you're looking for an experienced marketing veteran to learn from Eric is a great example, and his case study episodes on how companies are scaling are great stories to learn from. Great listen!"
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Host is Top-notch!

"Having known the host for a couple of years now, I'm very excited to see this show get up and running! Full disclosure, I'm also on the team that's helping produce the show, but we've worked with Eric before and this guy really knows his stuff."
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Timely and Informative Content

"The topics of the podcast are very timely and informative for our growing business."
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Something for everyone in the B2B tech space

"The first episode is promising as Eric talks about the purpose of this podcast - how do B2B tech companies grow? Something for everyone in the B2B tech space is what it's all about!"
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Eric is Brilliant

"I first met Eric by finding his company through a Google search, and I've been impressed since our very first conversation. He combines deep expertise and knowledge with an extremely approachable and down to earth demeanor. I'm ecstatic to see the value that he delivers through this show!"
James Carbary
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Behind The Mic

Eric Sharp

Show Host

Thank you for checking out the 1 to 10 podcast.

There’s only a few things in life that excite me more than talking tech and business with smart people that enjoy the hustle.

If you think we can have a great conversation on an episode, or you’d like to recommend somone, please send me a message.

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